At Johnson Dentistry, we use electric handpieces in all our treatments. Using equipment powered by electricity reduces the time it takes to perform your procedure, giving our dentist the opportunity to ensure that your needs are met and that your treatment is of the highest quality. To learn more about electric handpieces in Bryan, Texas, and to make your appointment with Dr. John A. Johnson Jr., please contact us at 979-279-8839.

There are two types of handpieces – air-driven, and electric. Our dentist uses electric handpieces at our office, as they are much stronger than their air-driven counterparts. Electric handpieces rely on a motor, rather than using air spin the necessary parts they need to function. Electric handpieces allow for more precise treatments, and produce less noise and vibration, making your dental experience more pleasant for dentist and patient alike!

Dental handpieces are instruments that generate a rotary cutting motion, similar to how a drill operates. They are typically used in cutting tooth structure and finishing restorations, performing endodontic treatment, and even prophylaxis (deep cleanings). There are a variety of different handpieces and handpiece attachments, helping our dentist to provide dental care that meets your needs exactly.

For more information on electric handpieces, and to schedule your next appointment with our experienced dentist, please visit or call our office today.